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Thursday, July 12, 2007

trying times

in my head: testing, trying, challenging...
so i came up with 'trying times' as the title of this post. clever.

i wrote an exam today for a position here, at my work. it was an open-to-the-public posting that a million people applied for. i'm underqualified but decided to write anyways for the experience. turns out, the test was VERY general. i guess they want to create a large pool of "qualified" people. i say qualified, but if it was just based on that test, a monkey would be qualified. (watch i say this now and i don't get called for the interview!) anyways, we'll see how it goes.

last night was wonderful. i, of course, had a nap after work and woke up to an empty house. (where empty = four cats but not one single j) i took the car and went to a baseball game. my old team was playing and it was nice to see them all again. but no one wanted to come out for dinner so i went and bought myself a cosmo and had pho all by myself. it's the first time i've ever been to a restaurant (save a fast food restaurant) by myself and i have to say that i had a really good time.

and since i was reading all about make up and boys in the magazine, i decided to go across the street to the drugstore and talk to the nice girl about make up. and i actually bought some!

i'm telling you - this was a very strange night for me, but it was so good. i'm lucky enough to like myself and i'm at the point where i don't get a lot of time to myself (with the carpooling to and from work every day and the lack of sports (sports provide lots of time in the car driving to and from games alone) and stuff like that) so it was really nice to just do what i wanted to do when i wanted to do it. i felt like i was back in kingston, only with less studying-avoiding going on.

or maybe that's not true because i didn't study for my test today. hmmm, hadn't thought of that!

so that's my story. i have an hour left of work for today and then tomorrow's friday. it's been a long week with not enough sleep. but the weekend should be good. there's HOPE on saturday (i'm not playing but i'll be on the beach tanning) and then there's the 5K race sunday morning. not sure what sunday afternoon will bring but i'm hoping for some baby green herons!


  1. I thought the resident cats were due to be picked up last weekend. Change of plans?

    Congrats on not letting the lack of dinner partners interfere with you enjoying your dinner. Sometimes it's really nice to sit down to dinner by yourself. Bet you got some looks though - seems people automatically assume that if you're in a restaurant by yourself you obviously are lacking in the friend department and they must stare at you... strange...

  2. GREEN herons? Can't say I've ever seen one - though, I haven't really tried to identify the big crane-like birds in our backyard. Hmmm... I need some binoculars and a bird book, or something.

  3. Oh wow, congrats on your first restaurant experience on your own! I did that this last May, and it was a good experience you are right.

    When you said you bought yourself a cosmo, I totally assumed it was a martini. hmm... not sure what it says about me, but maybe I drink by myself sometimes in restaurants too? LOL

    Well, baby green herons! you know, they are very sensitive birds and can abandon nests if humans get too close and pose a 'threat'. just fyi. ;) I hope there are babies too! :))

    Have a great weekend, and good luck on your run on Sunday at at the volleyball tourny on Sat.