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Thursday, July 5, 2007

paved road to mercury

i know the title doesn't make any sense. that's not so strange, is it?

we got home from work yesterday to a paved street. our street specifically. it was dark dark black and wonderfully smooth. and now the manhole covers don't stick up a foot past the pavement (we have two right in front of our house that were a little problematic). our street is finally looking complete.

and now for the mercury part: i went for a run last night and it was raining. the rain formed beads on the new pavement and looked like little balls of mercury. it was really neat.

Day 189 July 4  178_7893 (Medium)

the only other news i have is that i got an email about a written exam for a higher position at my current job. i'm excited but not too excited.

and am i ever looking forward to the weekend!

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  1. new grass, new trees, freshly paved road - what else could a new homeowner ask for?