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Monday, July 16, 2007

long weekend

this saturday was the HOPE beach volleyball tournament. unfortunately, the guy registering my team screwed up so i didn't get to play, but j did. he played with some people from work. they were in the competitive division and won every game until losing in the court final.

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i didn't stay the whole time. i had to leave for a bit to pick up my race kit and get groceries. i was very tempted to nap but i was a trooper and went back to the tournament. i was, after all, the team's official photographer.

after quick showers we headed out for s's birthday. we went to the new heart and crown for food and drinks. because being out in the sun all day wasn't enough, j drank lots of beer and rye and coke. he was hilarious.

179_7990 (Medium)

sunday morning we had to wake up early to get across town for my 5K race. i felt like i was the one nursing a hangover, but i was able to run and finished in under 30 minutes.

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and sylvia, who has never run 5K finished in under 30 minutes too.

Day 200 July 15  205_0597 (Medium)

the four of us went out for breakfast. it would have been the perfect morning except my stomach wasn't happy. i'm blaming it on the crappy food i ate saturday.

after stopping in to see j's parents and cats we got home and fell asleep. i napped for almost 5 hours and felt terrific. j left me at home and went windsurfing. i hadn't showered after my race so i cleaned the bathroom. the cats weren't happy about being locked out of there, but them's the breaks, kitties!

i was obviously really tired because i was able to fall asleep before midnight. and now it's monday. back to work. i came in to find an email about my boss - she had her baby (a girl) and is doing well. we're still waiting to hear about another coworker who is due today.

and that's all for now.

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  1. It was a busy weekend! Congrats again on the 5k and thanks for being such a good race buddy for Sylvia.