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Monday, July 9, 2007

busy, but relaxing

point: i managed to remember that the 070707 flickr event was happening saturday and took some nice pictures. i'm trying to learn more about the digital slr camera so i'm playing around with the settings to see what the pictures look like. i really like the macro function. i can take pretty flower pictures.

205_0530 (Medium)

point: we put up the curtains in our bedroom.

July 8..  179_7927 (Medium)

point: i went out and drank lots of beer saturday night.

Day 192 July 7  179_7924 (Medium)

point: we bought a cat brush called the zoom groom and i brushed half of rolo away.

179_7916 (Medium)

point: i had a photoshoot with rolo and this is my new favourite picture of him.

204_0472 (Medium)

point: i don't really have much to say. i had a good weekend. this coming weekend is hope saturday and my 5K sunday. it's pouring today and so is cold and damp in the office. i need to get some work done. and that's it. not mind-stimulating today. unless you like bug pr0n, that is.

205_0532 (Medium)

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  1. We have the same rubber cat brush thing. it's almost alarming how good a job it does, eh?

    Our sunday was super rainy, though it cleared up a bit in the end. We got hte kind of rain that brings mugginess, not releif from the temperatures though!

    Have a good day chica