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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

blood a boiling

i forgot to tell you about the blind girl. after all j's volleyball games were done saturday, we were heading towards the exit to the park. we were both tired and trying to beat the rain so we were focused. walking quickly and focused.

and then i tripped over a blind woman's cane (the stick that they move in front of them... i think 'cane' is misleading). i stumbled and quickly apologized. i really hadn't seen her there.

not 10 seconds later we saw someone else trip over her cane.

so we watched her. and thought to ourselves: would a truly blind person, uncapable of seeing at all, be at a volleyball tournament by herself?

and after watching her trip more and more people we realized how mean this girl really was. she could not have been 100% blind. she was purposefully putting her cane in front of people and tripping them. and then she was mad when you tried to apologize.

let me tell you, my blood was boiling!

i think that losing my sight, of all the senses, would be the worst. it would be a scary world without sight.

but for this woman, who obviously had some vision, to go around and trip people on purpose, in a huge crowd of mostly drunken people, is just not right! was she feeling sorry for herself? is she just a mean-spirited person?

i admit that i haven't known anyone who was blind. i haven't had much interaction with people who couldn't see, well or at all. though there was this one time, on campus in my first or second year of university. there were three blind students and i saw one of them, obviously turned around standing in the middle of the street. i went to help her get to the curb and she yelled at me saying that she could do it herself. that, i kept telling myself, was her being frustrated and not with me trying to help and that she would have done the same to anyone who tried to help her.

so there's frustration, which i can understand, and then there's the blind tripping girl. un.believable.


  1. talk about your mean tricks! It's really hard to believe that someone would do that.

    Also, fyi... you don't have to be sightless to be considered legally blind. I met a nearly-blind photographer once. He's fairly successful despite his handicap. He is very nearsighted (among other things) but up close, he's mostly fine. Can't drive, so he cycles everywhere.
    I remember him saying that one strange thing for him was looking at prints of his photos. When he looks through the camera, things at a distance are blurry but (assuming the auto-focus on the camera does its job) the prints that he gets are in focus. He never knows quite what he is going to get.

    I looked him up, have a peek if you want:

  2. That story is really sad. Really sad.

    On a mildly related note, my eye doc once told me that without my glasses I'm legally blind. I think she was serious!

    Nice job with the run. Is your leg all healed up? I miss volleyball, I wish I could have played. That sucks that you got shut out due to sign up junk.

    Okay, back to work over here. later gator

  3. OH NO! I fell into the "These people hardly ever blog" category! Egads - i've got to get a move n that. Stay tuned Batman!