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Friday, July 27, 2007

bad, bad blogger

truth is, i've been neglecting more than just this blog. i haven't been taking as many pictures lately or uploading them to flickr. i've been reading a lot and sleeping more than i usually do. that's the truth.

j won our little harry potter race. he finished book 7 before i finished the first three. but, if i had left our bet at me only reading the first two, i would have won. i underestimated j's determination to finish the last book (so as not to have the ending spoiled for him).

if you pay close attention to this blog, you know that i normally update my blog from work. work has been incredibly busy this week. a lot of people are on holidays and another girl from my group just found out that her last day is monday (she's pregnant and is leaving a month early for sick leave). we're not quite sure what will be happening to her workload but i have a sneaking suspicion that i will be shouldering a lot of it.

pay me more money? please?

we're heading off to the cottage tonight. i'm not sure how i feel about this yet. part of me wants to get away but part of me wouldn't mind staying home. but we will be getting some trees on the cheap out there so i can look forward to having a tree-i-ful backyard very soon.


  1. If her job code is higher than yours, start talking Acting pay.

    The Harry Potter series is a powerful group of books. As each new book came out, I wouldn't even watch or read the news! I didn't care.

    I'm glad you've read Book 3. That's my favourite.

    Looking forward to seeing all the new foliage.

  2. Unfortunately, she's a 1 just like me. I don't doubt that I'll be moved up soon though. It wouldn't be fair not to with all the added responsibilities that come with having so few of us here.

    I think the Harry Potter series is probably the biggest ting for literature for our generation.