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Thursday, July 19, 2007

and i raa-aaaaa-aaan, i ran so far awaa-aaa-aaay

i signed up for the running room's 20 minute challenge without really knowing what it was about. all i knew was that i would get some exercise and a hat. well, i got both.

Day 203 July 18  180_8010 (Medium)

please excuse the sweat stains. it's already been bathed.

i met j's parents at the store, got my blue hat and ran 4.35K in just over 20 minutes. it was nice.

but man, blue hats were everywhere. i felt kinda silly running around with that thing on. me and a million other people.

after the run, i went over to the ball diamond because my old team was playing. i said i would go to provincials with them so i figured that getting a couple games in before then would be a good thing. i ended up playing for the other team (my team had 9 but the other team only had 8). it was a nice little game because i didn't see much action in the field so i'm not super sore today.

and i'm not too sore from my run. good times.

after the game, we headed over to jp's house for a team bbq. it was really nice to see the girls again. i miss them WAY more than i miss playing. in that league at least.

and that's my wednesday story. will thursday's story be any better?

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