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Thursday, June 21, 2007

wetsuits are actually wet

okay, i never knew that you got wet when wearing a wet suit. now don't laugh, i don't think this is intuitive at all. i thought it was a suit you wore in the wet, which it is. i just didn't realize what kept you warm was the layer of water against your skin. so, if you didn't know that, now you do and now you don't have to feel stupid - i didn't know either.

when surfing in canada, you need a wetsuit. all year long. the water was about 12 degrees but the air was a little warmer. we booked our lessons with surf sister, a little, female-run surf shop out off tofino. the surf was unrelenting but not too big. i was able to stand a bunch of times, but took a weird fall and hurt my back a little, just muscle though. we have a bunch of good pictures, some funny ones of us in our wetsuits.

victoria to tofino is about ottawa to toronto, but with more mountains. on the way out there yesterday, we saw lots of big birds and actually saw a cougar!! it was incredible - the cat was SO huge. in tofino we saw lots of anemones and starfish. i couldn't believe how brightly-coloured the anemones and starfish are - green, blue, purple, pink and orange. and then on the drive home we stopped at cathedral grove and saw a black slug and the biggest tree.. it was huge!

the best part of this vacation is that i feel like we've been here for weeks already. it's been so relaxing and that's exactly what i needed. we have some more things planned for the next couple of days, but nothing too big. i've mostly given up on whale-watching because we're not in the right season and it's super expensive. the cougar mroe than made up for that! so that's the story for now.


  1. Wetsuits can give you a shock if you're not prepared for the wet. I've always wanted to try a drysuit. They're actually dry, I hear. :-P I didn't make it up to Tofino when I was out west because I felt it was too long for a daytrip. It looks deceptively close on the map but as you say... ottawa-toronto, with mountains.

    I hear that some of the cheap whale-watching tours are extra rip-off-y. They guarantee that you'll see a whale or you get another trip... and then 5 minutes before the end of the tour the operator says "look over there! it's a whale!" and everyone says "where! where! I missed it!".
    And then you don't get a free trip. Bums.

  2. I went with surf sister too! I wonder if we wore the same wetsuit! haha, mine was wet and kind of smelly when I got it, not ideal but it made me happy to get in the water and collect "my" water :-)

    The best whale watching I've really had was on a provate boat with a friend of a friend, or on shore, since whales sometimes come closer to shore than the boats are allowed to get to them anyways.

    Keep an eye out for bears and eagles...sounds like a wicked trip!

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