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Sunday, June 24, 2007

we're home

we're home and home is so nice. i can't believe we stopped smelling the new house smell because it's still here. it's so nice to be back. we came home last night (thanks for the ride, s&j!) to a paved driveway and a tree in front of our house. plus the super excited kitties.

we landed just before 11pm, got home just before midnight, dumped our stuff and said hello to our cats, dropped the other cats in the basement suite, and headed out for food. mcdonalds was one of the only things open so we crammed gluteny goodness in our bellies. we were parked in the mcdonalds parking lot, stuffing our faces, when two bike-cops came by. i guess there's been some stuff going on near our old place to warrant having cops on bikes. and i'm talking bicycles here. good thing we weren't drinking or anything.

we got home before 1am and decided it would be good for j's parent's cats if we hung out with them in basement. i didn't mention this earlier, but the new tree meant that we didn't have phone, internet or cable tv. love the tree, hate the incompetent tree installer guys. so with no internet to distract us, a movie sounded good. we sat down, our cats locked OUT of the basement, but didn't get very far because of all the screaming. our babies were obviously lonely. so i went upstairs and hung out with them. it was good because i was able to unpack everything and get the house cleaned up while j was able to stay with the newbies for the transition scary-new-house phase.

and now we're here. the cable guy came while i was out shopping. that's right - i went out and bought clothes for myself!! we have internet and phone and tv again so it will only be a little longer until i can get all the pictures onto my flickr site. sit tight!

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  1. so the tree installers cut your cables? That's beyond ridiculous. Imagine... they put trees in the same spots in every yard. Does that mean that *everyone* had to get the cable guy to pay a visit?

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. It must have been so nice to walk in and have that new-house smell back again!