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Saturday, June 16, 2007

vacation postings

the title of this post just made me realize that i haven't finished telling you about our costa rica trip and for that i am sorry. but now, currently, i am in bc on another vacation. i always wanted to do this: vacation as much as i could while still getting paid for it. you better believe that everytime i get another vacation day credited to me, i promptly book it. i'm even considering taking unpaid leave just to get away from the day-to-day that i'm finding so very draining.

but back to the vacation. we arrived in victoria on time, which is a miracle considering i almost made us miss our flight out of ottawa. we got up on time and were ready to leave when the cabbie rang the doorbell at 5:50 this morning. we got to the airport just after 6am for our 7am flight. we checked in and got through security with no problems. i left j in the terminal to go buy a book and some orange juice. on my way back to him, we passed, apparently he was hungry and in search of food. that's when i realized i no longer had the sweatshirt i had brought. i went and found him and we argued about the orange juice for a while and then i left the orange juice with him and went back to the check in area and found my sweatshirt. this is all very intriguing, i know. i made crankypants j stand in line at the tim hortons to get a muffin hoping that it would make him chill out a little. because we had tons of time. obviously. the line was long and we ended up talking to some strangers for a while and on our way back to the terminal we heard our names being called over the pa system. apparently, boarding had started half an hour earlier and we were the last ones to board the plane.

then j fired me from being the trip planner. the best thing is that he didn't even tell me that i was in charge of getting us on the plane on time in the first place so i maintain that it's half his fault. ah the joys of travelling.

but all that to say that we didn't miss our flight and now we can laugh about my poor organizing skills. or my timing skills. or whatever i'm lacking. at least they pronounced my name properly. that was nice.

we had no problems from ottawa to toronto, no problems in the toronto airport and no problems from toronto to victoria. we both slept for part of the long flight but were still super exhausted when we got in. we ate some food and then napped.

the cats warmed up to us pretty quickly and are now acting as if we never left. chester, the big white male cat, is huge and SO white! sydney, the small but huge gray female, is bristly and sad looking, but friendly.

i've been reading up on some places we might visit but still haven't figured out actual plans for our week here. thankfully, we have free accomodations and food (fully gluten free for a week - watch out cheeseburgers, i'm coming for you when i get home!) so we have some money to play around with. i'm thinking surfing, whale watching and trail hiking. it is cooler here than ottawa but nowhere near as humid. i'm hoping for some beach lounging as well. beach lounging will hopefully lead to tanned skin. here's hoping. so stay tuned - these free accomdations have wireless internet ripe for the picking (who actually says that anyways?) and possibly for the picture downloading. we shall see.

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  1. Oh I love your story about the airport! It reminds me of travelling with Dave. Or my boss for that matter. LOL! But really. it is so great you on vacation and enjoying your time out there.

    D and I will be driving across the country from Toronto to Victoria this fall. Two of our friends moved out there, and the girl wants us to drive her car out to her so we jumped on the opportunity! Here we come nights sleeping in the car and in a tent on the side of the road!! :))

    Have a great time in Vic!