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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

unveiling - the new car


almost right after i got my license i got my own car. it was a 1984 pontiac parisienne (think huge boat of a car). the way my family worked was that we had three cars, all pieces of crap, but 3. my brother and i had to drive ourselves to all of our sports and my mom was an on-the-road salesman. it worked out. the pontiac lasted a while and was eventually replaced with a 1992 chevrolet lumina, or lumi.

the saturn

shortly after j and i started dating, his parents bought a new car and the old family car was given to him, a 1992 saturn sl1. so, for as long as we've been together, we've each had our own car.

mazda 3

until 2005. at the end of 2004 i was starting to have trouble with lumi so we bought the mazda 3.

152_5219 (Medium)

r.i.p. lumi

we didn't actually get the mazda until february but by then lumi was no more. the poor car would shut down while i was driving along and would sometimes emit a cloud of black smoke from the steering wheel - try driving with that in your way!

hello turbo

spring 2005 was when j installed the turbo in the 3. you know, zoomzoomzoom! after a solid week he got it working. all of a sudden we had to put 94 octane in the car and fill up almost twice as often.

good bye saturn

the summer of 2005 we decided that we didn't really need two cars, especially with the mazda being new (and therefore reliable) so we shipped the car out to j's sister.

having only one car was mostly okay, we learned to coordinate everything and bum rides when we both had things to do. this was easy once i knew enough people who lived near us.

welcome back saturn

there were times over the next year that having only one car was tricky. i know it caused some tension so we decided to start looking for another car. something good on gas. then j's sister gets a job overseas and gives us back the saturn.

r.i.p. saturn

only problem is that the saturn can't be safetied. we donated it the fire station about a month ago. there were tears in j's eyes as we drove off in the mazda.

goodbye turbo

j decides it's time to get rid of the turbo so him and a friend take a whole saturday in earlier this month and put the car back to stock. back to putting regular gas in the car less often. beautiful!

we drive to hawkesbury to sell it.


we still wanted a second car and j was feeling sad without a turbo so he went on auto trader and found the perfect little car. introducing our new 1987 mazda rx-7:

Day 180 June 25  178_7815 (Medium)

we bought it before we left for bc but only picked it up this past monday night. it still isn't plated and is sitting in the garage. it is a two door, "2 cylinder" (aka rotary engine), turbo charged sports car. it needs no work to run and will be easy to sell when the time comes.

and there you have it, a short history of the cars we've owned.


  1. ro-ta-ry!

    Can't wait to see it in person. So... who gets new car and who gets turbo? I'm assuming it will be a shared-custody arragement :)

  2. The car looks so well cared for! I have no idea what a rotary motor is. I'm guessing it's fast. That's really cool! The freedom of a car is fantastic. Heyyyy does that increase the potential for a roadtrip at some point??? ha ha. Thanks for all the great pictures.