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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the titanic sank

we went downtown today to the museum to see the titanic imax movie. the movie itself wasn't great. it really seemed like they only had so much footage of the wreck so they had to fill the rest of the time - only 45 minutes - with fluff. the exhibit though was good. when you went in they gave you a boarding pass so you were one of the passengers. it made it more real.

there was a lot of walking and my feet are kinda sore but a big dinner and a nap solved that.

i'm finding that i'm really missing my cats. and that is all.


  1. When I was in Victoria in March I was so disappointed to learn that the Titanic exhibit wasn't opening until April. I totally would have been all over that.

  2. I really wanted to have a Titanic themed party for my Dad's 60th birthday, but my sister canned the idea saying that it would be too depressing.

    Also, I don't know if my Dad has ever seen Titanic the movie or Titanic the boat.