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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

long (car) weekend

it wasn't supposed to be, but i didn't get out of bed yesterday and made it, a long weekend. i was tired. let me break it down for you.

we went to m&m to meet up with some mazda people. i hadn't been since last year so it was nice seeing some of those people again. i would like to say it was nice meeting the new people, but i really didn't do a whole lot of socializing. we did play with a guy's camera and took some long exposure shots of the car while j ran around it with his blue led flashlight.

176_7699 (Medium)

we went to my family's annual cottage party saturday. it was fun like always and j got to break out his windsurfer for the first time this year. the wind wasn't strong enough but he was in the water so he was happy.

Day 164 June 9  177_7702 (Medium)

sunday was de-turbo the car day. me, being a smart cookie, decided that we should rent a car before getting started so that we could get to work monday morning if it didn't go well. (this is not me being pessimistic, this is me learning from experience... the putting-the-turbo-in experience.) so j, with the help of d, took the turbo out and put the car back together and had it working in only 9 hours. we were able to take the rental back that night and only paid for the one day.

201_0110 (Medium)

well, like i said, i slept in and didn't go to work yesterday. work has been charging ahead, day after day, leaving me tired. so i spent the day at home, with my cats, in my pyjamas. beautiful. later on, we were out and about, looking at lawn mowers and patio furniture, when j's cell phone rang. j found a 1987 mazda rx-7 for sale on auto trader and had been emailing the seller. he could finally have us over to see the car. we raced over and ended up buying the car. we can't pick it up until after our holidays (we leave friday for bc) but j's super excited.

and that sums up our weekend. we've had a whole lot going on related to cars but soon enough things will settle. we have the mazda 3 back to stock and we will have the turbo sold and the rx-7 bought. and we've already thought of a name for the new car. i will wait for the official unveiling.


  1. I was planbnint oask if J was sad about selling the Turbo, but nothing like a little retail therapy, eh? Yay for your new car! My favourite mazda so far is the 323. heh tiny hatchbacks, I love'm. I'm curious to know what your new car looks like, I don't recognize that model name. Full car-y weekend for sure!

    Cooool excitement. How long are you in BC for again? Any pans to tourist it up at all? Thinking of surfing maybe? In Tofino maybe? It's surfer hippy central , Ihtinik, but they know their stuff and the beaches are sandy, not rocky :-) What are your BC plans?

  2. RX-7! Wheee!

    Friendly pointer - make sure it passes an emissions test... rotary engines are amazingly cool, but have a bit of a reputation.

  3. does it still need emissions, or is it exempt? I know it's 20 years to be exempt, but is it inclusive? Not that I don't totally support the emissions testing and all that, of course. I'm going to hav to google images this thing. What colour is it? Is it an automatic or a standard?

  4. Answers:

    - The plan all along was to de-turbo the 3 at some point. It just came earlier than I was expecting. J was sad when we were driving back to drop off the rental and noticed the lack of pick-up.

    - Do a Google image search for "1987 Mazda RX-7". It's dark blue, manual transmission, 2 door, sunroof. I'll post pictures once we actually have the car. I felt too weird last night to ask if I could take some.

    - It is exempt from emissions testing.

    - We're in BC for a week. We don't have plans yet, but are hoping to get some surfing in.. whether we'll get all the way up to Tofino I'm not sure. Apparently it's 5-6 hours from Victoria.