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Thursday, June 14, 2007

honestly time, where did you go?

the time is flying by. all of a sudden it's the day before we leave and i'm not ready. i'm sitting at my desk, freezing because i forgot a sweater today, blogging instead of working. and there are things to do at home but once i get home i'm so tired that i don't do them. it's awful.

and that, my friends, is why i need a vacation.

so, vacation i will!

j's parents are flying us out to victoria, bc so that we can fly the cats home. his parents are moving back here but are driving across the country and don't want to take the cats with them. we will house the cats.

this is somewhat complicated by the fact that our two cats have food out all the time but the other two are fed twice a day. we will have them separated full-time at first, but will likely have them running as a herd by the end of the two weeks.

but before all that, we get to spend a week in bc. at first i really wanted to see everything i could, but now, in this exhausted state, i really just want to find a nice beach and lie on it for the whole week. is that so wrong?

but i'm guessing, i will spend a day or two lounging around and then be rested enough to want to do some things. i'm hoping so at least.


  1. Everything is so laid back in Victoria that you probably can't help but relax, even if you try to pack in a bunch of sightseeing.

    But definitely hit the beach too. After all, what's a vacation without sand and sunscreen?

  2. Sounds like it'll be an awesome desination. Holiday it up. In the end the beauty of holidays is you can do whatever you want. Yay holiday!
    Have fine chica