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Saturday, June 23, 2007

home coming

we're heading home tomorrow and i have to say that i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready (spongebob reference). this has been an amazing week. we ended it off with a trip downtown today. we did some shopping and ate lunch then walked along the harbour. we went through the undersea gardens and saw the live show with the diver in the aquarium. then we took a harbour ferry most of the way back home and walked the rest of the way.

i was thinking that this week i've gotten outside more than normal and the air here is less muggy. it's refreshing, but at the same time i can't wait to be back in the hot hot heat of the summer in ottawa. victoria is pleasant and comfortable but just not summer-hot. the sweat-as-soon-as-you-leave-conditioned-air hot. you know, hot hot.

what i'm not looking forward to is going back to work. but you knew that.

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  1. if you're looking for hot-hot, now is not the time to be returning.

    currently: 9 degrees and sunny. yes, nine! And it's almost July!