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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


you know that feeling when you finally finish something? the sense of accomplishment. a job well done. well, i finally finished the scrapbook i made for my wedding.

176_7674 (Medium)

in my defense, i've been doing other things... things like watching hockey. unfortunately the sens are down 3-1 in the series. it could all be over in a couple of days. but it could turn around for them and they could play more than one good period of hockey. you never know.

Day 159 June 4  176_7678 (Medium)

there was a letter at our front door when we got home yesterday. it was notice that they are going to be paving our driveway next week, weather permitting. paving! our driveway! with that done, our house will look complete from the front. well, from the whole outside too, because you wouldn't think of eavestroughing and a deck and a fence and things like that, would you?

i have to admit that i think about them. i even started sketching out deck ideas last night. i think the idea of a deck seems much closer with the sale of the turbo. and the fact that we won't need a new transmission on the mazda (no turbo, no need for a better transmission), and the fact that decks are awesome! so we're at least going to look into it and see, roughly, how much a deck would cost. we'd both rather do it right the first time instead of spending less but settling for something we aren't 100% hapy with.

cause that's just how we roll.


  1. Be prepared for sticker shock with decks. We bought wood for our garden boxes (nothing fancy!) and... yikes. No wonder my grandfather plants his veggies in old tires instead.

    That could also be because he's 89 years old and refuses to pay for something new if he can find something else to do the trick. Old men are funny that way.

  2. I forgot to say that the sneak peek photo of your wedding album looks fantastic. You've got great design sense.

  3. your scrap book looks amazing! Awesome design, will it be on display next time I'm around?

    Yay for decks! Couldn't J or you raise the cash for the deck street racing with your turbo? no? :-)

    Have fun dreaming baout decks and eavestroughing. Rob just found a new instrument that is his holy grail, so it looks like we'll be planning a pilgrimmage to Switzerland (by planning, I bacically mean 'fantasizing' at this point). At least he likes stuff from interesting destinations,eh?

    later gator

  4. Is it one of those old fashioned mountain hornes Captain?
    Awesome book K, absolutely beautiful, can't wait to see it sometime! And on the topic of trees, we have free lilac trees and sumacs if you feel so inclined. I realise both of those are slightly invasive, but whatever ;)

  5. thanks for all the comments about the album. it feels really nice to finally have it done. i've been looking at the same pages for a year so i'm used to them. it's nice to have people see them for the first time.

    we'll see about the deck. nothing is set in stone (or wood).

    also, sylvia, we would love a lilac bush. absolutely.

  6. A lawn! A paved garage AND driveway!?

    I'm totally jealous. Seriously, we're still in mud and rock hell.