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Friday, May 25, 2007

where did the time go?

has anyone else noticed that it's the end of may already? honestly, what happened? this year is flying by. maybe by not playing baseball this summer i'll have a chance to spend some time relaxing and actually notice the time as it passes. maybe but maybe not.

my race is tomorrow. it actually snuck up on me too. maybe it's because i haven't been thinking about running lately and actually haven't run in two weeks. i'm going today after work to switch to the 10K and maybe look at shoes. they always have tons and tons of shoes there for real cheap. the past two years i've been able to find my kind in my size for about half the regular price. good deals.

for some reason, the week after the long weekend is always a tough one and this week was no different. i was getting about 5 hours of sleep a night and finally crashed last night. my big plan was to go to bed early without napping after work. i was doing fine until i went to read my book in bed. it was hot and i was obviously super tired so i fell asleep. for two hours. but was it ever nice! and i was still able to fall asleep at night, about an hour later than usual. not bad.

so today i'm feeling good. we got to work pretty much on time and get a little break for a funeral (j's grandparent's neighbour and good friend) and then it's the weekend. i have some friends coming to town for race weekend so i'm hoping to see them and catch up. it's been too long, like always.

but only because time passes too quickly.

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  1. Don't kill your leg running, ok? Seriously. I mean, I know you guys are into the whole "custom car" bit but I don't think J would want to have to install a wheelchair lift.

    Anyone else feeling knackered from the heat? I think I'm getting too old for these 30 degree swings in the thermometer....