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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

take a seat

friday recap: i spent most of my work day friday bumbling through, doing my normal whatevers, but then i felt really sick so i went home around 1 and left j to find his own way home. i'm nice that way. i managed to sleep from about 1:30pm until almost 7 and then woke up for a bit, ate, ran and internetted, and then back to sleep for almost 12 hours. apparently, i wasn't feeling well AND i was exhausted.

saturday recap: the 12 hours of sleep took me until 1:30pm so i had a pretty lazy day. j had left early that morning for a car thing where we had our car detailed for free. it is so sparkly and shiny and clean now (thanks jamie!) so i was left to do whatever almost all day. i can't say i did much - some laundry, some tv watching, some showering (well, just one shower), some eating - and then j got home and we went to ikea and found a dining room table we like (didn't buy it though) and headed to kanata for a bbq and hockey game watching at j&s's house. s's parents had just moved out so it was celebratory in that way. and there was bbq'd food.

we left after the first period and headed downtown to catch our friend landon's second last show. his band, permanent daylight (remember them?) were playing at cafe dekcuf. he was given two beer tickets and gave us one. so i drank most of a beer. incredible. it was a good show and we were home pretty early so that was good. plus, j kept telling me i looked nice. apparently brushing my hair makes me look nice. (a little history: once, a bunch of years ago, i got my hair cut and when j saw me he asked me if i brushed my hair! a little brushing goes a long way!)

recap sunday: i woke up early sunday (early for me) and started making pancakes. it's the batter in a box kind of pancakes and i was a little weary about this box because my saturday pancake was disgusting. so i actually looked at the box only to find out that it wasn't "add water" like the last box, it was "add milk and an egg"! oops! so i put the batter and the milk and the egg in the bowl and was stirring the incredibly dry mixture when i realized i put twice as much batter as i was supposed to. i read 300ml of batter and put in 3 cups. i don't understand me either. so i made a double batch of pancakes, but at least they tasted good this time.

after my breakfast settled, i geared up for my long run. since the race is fast-approaching, i need to start putting in the distance so i tried for 16K and i'm proud to say that i made it 15.8 and was only gone for about an hour and 40 minutes. it was hot and my face got sunburnt and my body was killing me (and still is!) but i did it! that is 5.8K longer than i have ever run. this sunday: 18K. the sunday after that: not as far. and the sunday after that: race day! 21.1K!

i also had baseball practice sunday night. yes, i quit this year, but i also told my team that i would come out if they ever needed players. well, they need players this week and thought that maybe a practice before stepping into a game would be a good idea. so not only are my legs and feet killing me, my arms are in pain now too. c'mere, advil!

monday recap: i went to a workshop on the 7 habits to a healthy life at work and learned some neat things. because of my bad memory, i can't tell you what those 7 habits are, but i was given a website to go look at. the thing i do remember though, is that we are conditioned to think negatively. you ask someone who has back pain, for example, how they want to feel and they'll tell you that they "don't want to feel pain." exactly, that's what you DON'T WANT to feel. now, how do you WANT TO FEEL? get it? they want to feel "great" but they can't say that. it was interesting to have that pointed out. i've caught myself a bunch of times saying things like that. weird.

we stopped by staples on our way home from work and bought a new desk chair. the one we had was mine from university. a $40 walmart chair that lasted since second year but was finally falling apart. actually, falling apart. so now we have a brand new and very comfy desk chair and rolo has a new box to play in.

i went to baseball last night. we won and i played okay. i went 1 for 3 and had a good catch in the outfield. plus, i almost threw out a girl at first from center! that would have been great. and if j had a blog, he would tell you about his friend, pike, and pike's dog. this dog apparently smells like nachos but sat with j while he played games / watched tv and j was a happy camper about that. too bad we have cats, j, but at least they smell like nachos... is that a good trade off?


  1. whoa, posty!

    Congrats on the huge run. That's longer than I've ever run in my life.

    rflkk <-message from izzy

  2. That run sounds longer than if you end-to-ended any running I've ever done in my life, for any reason. Way to go!

    Izzy's almost doing Im talk eh? She almost got ROTFL.

    Glad you're feeling better and better rested.