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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

stayin alive stayin alive

i'm still alive - i just took a break from blogging. it was a long weekend afterall. and a busy long weekend at that.

friday night we had some friends over. it was really nice to see m&r after so long. and i really thought the 8 of us got along well. definitely some of my favourite people, all in one room. it was nice.

j left a little early to go see permanent daylight's last show. he called at 1:45am asking if i wanted a junior chicken. he was drunk. i said no. then, around 2:30, when i had just gone to bed, i hear the key in the door. and then the hugest, not-stealthy-at-all hiccup ever! and then about 10 more of them. j was convinced the mcdonalds gave him the hiccups. i think the rum and cokes might have had something to do with it.

saturday was the going-away party / family sees my house for the first time party. not everyone could come, but we had a good time with the people there. my family is a good bunch of people. but really, i can't believe that this guy:

Day 143 May 19  176_7612 (Medium)

is actually smart enough to have figured out how to leave the province and the country (and the continent!) and actually survive. he has (almost) everything sorted out. he leaves on sunday. i'm guessing mine and his relationship will be much like it is now. i don't call him and he doesn't call me and we see each other the odd time. sad but true. he's a bad communicator and i'm stubborn. don't get me wrong though, we do get along, we just don't see each other much.

anyways, that little get together was early saturday afternoon and then j and i went next door for a bbq with the neighbours. their house is the mirror image of ours so it was fun to see it and for j to try and pee in the garage (the bathroom and garage are across from each other and obviously opposite in either house) and to get to know our neighbours.

i can't remember if we did anything else saturday night. in fact, i'm going to sleep on it and update this post later. sorry!

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  1. That's quite the amusing photo! I hope he has a good time over there - it'll be an experience, for sure.