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Thursday, May 24, 2007

so tired

okay well, there's more to say. i still can't quite remember everything we did this past weekend even though i was sober the whole time. j sealed the garage floor so all of our stuff was on the front step and in the hallway inside. stuff everywhere. thankfully, we were able to put everything (except the car) back in the garage tuesday after work with the help of some new shelves.

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we ended the long weekend with a bbq at our neighbour and j's coworker, jp's house. we sat and talked and ate and talked more. it was nice to finally spend some time with jp's girlfriend.

we got home that night and started the week off with very little sleep because sleeping properly after a weekend of staying up late and sleeping in late is impossible.

tuesday was a regular work day, but i yawned more than any other day i'm sure. i had hockey late tuesday night so the bad, no-sleeping continued. yesterday we slept in and got to work 2 hours late (note to us: maybe we should start work later so we can actually work a whole day) but only stayed one hour later than usual. -1 hour. i had baseball last night, late, and guess what? i'm tired today. but the plan for tonight is to go for a run and then go to bed early.

i have no updates on running because i haven't been for the past two weeks. i wish i could say that my leg is feeling much better, but after my warm-up run last night at baseball, it was killing me. even the 10K is looking a little long. i'm going today or tomorrow to switch my race so we'll see what i do about that.

3 weeks tomorrow we fly out to bc. i'm looking forward to the trip and, hopefully, the sleep.

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