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Thursday, May 17, 2007

long weekend - not soon enough

this week has been a long one and i can't wait for our day off on monday. we've been really bad this week at making lunches and at getting up on time. so bad that yesterday we didn't get to work until almost lunch. we were four and a half hours late. incredible. and then today we were 2 hours late. but we have an excuse for today. last night, i woke up at 3:45 to rolo puking. i followed him around the house and cleaned up his puke more than 10 times. and when he was done and we could finally go back to bed, i couldn't fall asleep because i wasn't sure if he was okay. yuck yuck yuck. at least he seemed like his normal self this morning.

in happy news, with the new drugs, my leg has been feeling much better. though it could be that i just can't feel the pain anymore. and that's why i'm scared to run the half marathon and have asked the race organizers if i can run the 10km instead. i haven't run for almost a week so i'm going to try tonight and see how it feels.

but we also have stuff to do around the house. we're having people over friday night. at first it was only going to be s&l but then it made sense to open it up to a&s and m&r as well. good thing we have chairs or else there wouldn't be room for everyone to sit. i'm definitely looking forward to seeing everyone, especially m&r who have been gone for the past 6 months (maybe more?).

and then saturday afternoon is the going-away party for my brother, who is leaving june 1st for his year in prague. we have most of the family coming over. again, we're thankfull for the extra chairs.

but then sunday and monday are open and hopefully will be relaxing. i need to relax.

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  1. No fun about rolo. I hope he is ok and just ate something that didnt sit well with him! Yay for the long weekend, we're looking forward to seeing you too!