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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

if only

if i could access my flickr page at work i would post the picture of the huge bruise on my calf but you'll have to settle for a link - it's my picture of the day from may 10th. i can't believe i haven't mentioned it on here. last sunday (may 6) i ran 16 km. my left calf was bothering my after the run and for days. well, actually, it still is, but monday night i noticed a huge bruise on my calf right where it was hurting most. i was a little relieved to know that i wasn't making up the pain, but a little worried because the middle of the bruise was a large bump. so i went to see my doctor yesterday who said that i had a major muscle pull and prescribed some anti-inflammatories and then confirmed that the bruise was a bug bite, most likely a spider bite.

i almost swore at him i was so mad! what are the chances of me getting a bug bite right on my calf where it hurts right after running longer than i've ever run? slim to none, except that it happened. gross.

so that's the running/calf/soreness/bug bite story.

but another, more exciting, story is that yesterday after work, j went with his work friend, steve, to pick up a little puppy. it's a cross between a pug and a beagle and is teeny tiny. j wants him to call her puglie but i doubt that'll happen. (puglie link until i can access my pictures). the little dog was a little scared and was having some tummy trouble and apparently stunk up the whole car! such a little dog, such an awful smell.

now, the beef of the post: my ex boyfriend got married this past saturday. and, thanks to the geniuses at facebook, there are already pictures up. and yes, i looked at them. i had some things hit me real hard. 1. i'm very glad he's happy. and it's so obvious that he's happy and i'm happy for him. lalala. 2. i'm very glad it wasn't me. we dated for over two years and i know things could have turned out differently if this and if that, but they didn't and i went off and found j and seeing the ex on his wedding day makes me so very happy about all the choices i've made and with j and my little family and with how far i've come since then.

there is no doubt that x and i had a good time together and got along well. but there is also the fact that we weren't meant for each other and i'm so glad i figured that out. there's nothing like a starter marriage these days, but it just isn't for me. and neither was he.


  1. ouch!

    What are the chances of a bite/muscle combo like that? crazy.

  2. Ick. Spider bites are gruesome. I got one in my sleep one night (eeewwww....) and couldn't sleep for weeks. Every time I moved my foot, I was SURE I felt a spider in the bed.

    Way to go on the run!!