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Monday, May 28, 2007

i run you run we all run run run

title is definitely not as good as the ice cream chant. oh, the ice cream chant....

i ran on saturday. i'm hurting now but i was pretty much okay for the race. i was really worried about my calf and how it would feel (ie. hurt) but it was fine. my time was a little slower than last year, just over an hour total, but i finished and i didn't hurt myself more. so i'm happy. and i do have pictures, some really good ones, but i haven't taken them off the camera yet.

it was a busy weekend and i'm guessing this will be a busy week since it's the last week in the country for my brother and for j's sister. not sure exactly how that will make us busier than usual though.

okay, more later when i can post some pictures.

1 comment:

  1. hooray for being able to walk!

    You have pictures... you didn't run with the camera, did you? If you did, that's hardcore.