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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

green green grass!


May 28..  176_7650 (Medium)


May 29..  176_7655 (Medium)

they still have to do the front yard but does the backyard ever look good! we need to get a sprinkler and start watering the new lawn, soaking it twice a day.

and, not sure if i mentioned this, we bought a barbeque last thursday. it's being delivered tomorrow and the natural gas is being hooked up saturday. all i need is a "chaise longue" and i'll be all set for the best tan ever. and full belly i guess. i'm hoping ng bbqs won't be as scary as propane ones. did i mention that i hate barbequing because of the explosive nature of propane?

tanning, barbequing... best. summer. ever!


  1. and mojitos, of course! looks awesome, and congratulations on your run. I'm extra glad you didn't damage yourself more.

    don't forget yor sunscreen, okay? ;-)

  2. wow, that is grass like I dream about!

    Seriously, don't skimp on the water for the first little while. Give 'er a good long soaking so the roots get, umm... rooted.