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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


i finally know what it feels like to throw ones back out. i don't know if it was my run or the stretching afterwards, but my back, the lower left part specifically, is in agony! i had a hard time sleeping last night because no matter how i lay, my back was bothering me. thankfully, once i was asleep, the pain didn't wake me up. but now that i'm at work, i'm not a happy camper. i can only sit up straight straight which isn't as comfortable as slouchy slouchy. whine whine whine.

i got to see a&s's new kitten yesterday. i had a doctor appointment just down the street from their place and it went quickly so i decided i had time to stop by. what a cute little cat!! it's very fluffy and bouncy and clumsy in the little-kitten kind of way. very cute. she makes my little cats seem huge.

that's about all i have to say today. well, right now. have a happy first day of may, only 3 weeks left until the long weekend!


  1. back pain is the worst! everything you do uses back muscles.

    Just to make you jealous, I'm going to tell you that right now I'm all slouchy in my chair, and I have a warm kitty on my lap. It's true!

  2. alan, that's not nice at all. i can slouch again, but i definitely don't have anything in my lap. i did sleep in today though.

  3. Alan, how do you guys figure out who gets the cat on the lap? That seems like an impossible situation! Ha ha. Sorry your back wiped out on you Batman, that's no freaking fun at all. I hope you feel awesome soon.