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Thursday, May 3, 2007

day off

i took yesterday off from blogging. mostly because i had nothing to say. will today be any different... not sure.

because of my back, i didn't play hockey tuesday night. i have no idea how my team did, but am guessing that they won since that's what we seem to do. my back is feeling better though. i'm still not sure what exactly i did to it, but i was able to run last night. i think it might just be that i'm getting older and don't recover as well as i used to. but i'm okay now and that's all that matters.

oh, and about running, i'm raising funds for the ottawa hospitals this year. i have a page all set up if you would like to donate online (i also accept cash or cheques) but don't want to link to it here because it has my name (i need to feel like not just anybody can find this blog) but please please please let me know if you would like the link. i will be sending out an email soon. (and asking for the link doesn't mean you HAVE to donate. you can always just look at the page.) i'm hoping to raise $150 and will see how the next couple of weeks go, if i have to up that amount.

in other news, my brother leaves june 1st for prague. he is spending a year-ish there for work. i'm very proud of him. we are not well-travelled and for him to be able to pick up and move across the world is amazing to me. we are hoping to have a little going-away party for him.

and at the same time, a little going-away party for j's sister who is leaving june 2nd for afghanistan. she is going on a 6 month rotation (look at me picking up the lingo! it's actually just a "roto" in deployment-speak) as a civilian. again, super impressive.

i would be huddled in a corner, wimpering. probably. but that's just me.

so may is proving to be a busy month full of stuff to do. at least we get a long weekend because i don't think i can handle this month without getting more sleep.


  1. Your sibling (-in-law)s are all over the place! Any excuse to get over to Prague, I say. It all sounds pretty exciting though, especially in terms of send off parties. Should be fun!

    Does it all make you want to get back on a plane and head out somewhere, or feel grateful that you don't have to?

  2. Congrats on the running! I would donate to you, but I worked at the ottawa hospital foundation for two years and well, exhausted my donations through a crappy salary alone! LOL!