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Monday, May 14, 2007

catching up

this weekend i spent a lot of time catching up. lately i've been finding that my days are dragging on but the weeks are flying by and all of a sudden it's may. it's already a third of the way through the year and i could have sworn it isn't even my birthday yet. time to slow down and smell the roses.

and i wish that was a seguay (or however you spell it) to a grand story of me going to see all the tulips, but it isn't. i didn't see the tulips, but i do plan on it. just haven't figured out when.

friday at work, i made a little sticky note for myself with the things we had to do on our way home. on it were catfood, drugs and stools. sounds bad, but it isn't. the catfood that our little cats can stomach was recalled so we had to switch to another sensitive diet food, which is a big hit, but we needed more. so we got that, and then we picked up some "drugs" for j, which is really protein shake stuff. and then we picked up our two lovely stools.

Day 135 May 11..  175_7530 (Medium)

we are very happy with them and have already eaten two meals at the kitchen counter. on the way from the stool place, we had to go by the place we got our dining room light fixture and we knew they were having a sale so we stopped and got the matching wall sconce for the hallway going down to the basement. perfect!

May 11..  175_7529 (Medium)

and then on saturday we went to ikea and bought the dining room chairs but not the table. the table, in the colour we want, isn't in stock yet. but the chairs are on sale and likely being discontinued so we got 6 of those. then we had a race to see who could put together chairs faster. i lost. big time. and, just so you know, i signed the bottom of the chair i put together so that when it breaks and someone falls and hurts themselves, once we're sure they're okay, we can laugh at me. i'm a good sport.

chairs but no table:

Day 136 May 12..  175_7532 (Medium)

we also got an extra mat for the front. it took two trips to ikea for me to convince j and now he's talking like he thought of it. he does that. finds something he likes and then claims to have invented it. it can be annoying, but he's cute so it's okay.

and finally, we got some curtains for the upstairs bedrooms. the house gets super duper hot when it's hot and sunny out and then the upstairs stays hot when you're trying to sleep. dark curtains are the answer. no pictures of those yet because they aren't all up and pretty yet.

i also caught up on being social. friday night we went to a bbq with some of j's work friends. i had the best pasta salad ever and then sucked hard at guitar hero (am i good at anything?) but blamed it on my left-right-handedness. i maintain that being ambidextrous is a good thing, but sometimes it's a curse. come to think of it, my terrible guitar hero skills could be blamed on the mojito i had. hmm... saturday, we did our shopping-for-house-things and then went for pho with pike and watched the hockey game with him and his little dog. crazy little dog. and, because i can't run, i had a beer. one extreme to another for me.

sunday was family day, well mother's day, so we saw a lot of family. we went to kanata to see my parents and then picked j's mom up at the airport and had dinner and the coffee with her and j's sister.

it was a good, long, relaxing weekend lacking in stress and not-fun things and full of friends and family and fun. absolutely perfect. oh, and by the way, i caught up on uploading my pictures so head on over to my flickr site.

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  1. nice chairs!

    I totally understand what you mean about days dragging and weeks flying. I also haven't yet been to tiptoe through the tulips, except in my own yard where an animal of some sort is decapitating them one by one. If I had a cane I would totally be out there shouting "Get off my lawn!"

    What do you mean you can't run? Did I miss something?

    ps. I believe it's "segue". We stole that one from the Italians. Either way, it's not "Segway" regardless of what Dean Kamen wants us to think...