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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

r.i.p. spider solitaire, you will be missed

someone was obviously paying attention to my thinly veiled cry for help and removed all games from the computer. now i can concentrate on blogging my life away.

absolute comedy was tonight. i am maybe a little in love with the mc. he was hilarious. and hot. such a good combo. thanks to everyone who came out. my baseball team appreciates your support.

tomorrow is essentially friday and i'm especially happy. even though it was a super short week for me with monday off and everything, it was a long week and this long weekend is a nice break. and i have good news: i will start running soon. the plan, which i formulated at work, had me start my 8-week half marathon training today, but i napped instead. off to a stellar start, my friends. stellar.

so now it's time to positive-think myself into running, even though it's raining and possibly flurry-ing out. i am going to start running and i am going to love it!

every runner needs goals (or so i've read) and here is my goal, with some background first. in may 2005, i ran my first race since highschool. it was a 5K and the longest i had ever run before. thankfully i am a moron and didn't realize the treadmill on which i was training was in miles and so i was training at 8K. the race was a breeze after that. last may i ran my second race, a 10K. again, the longest that i had ever run (seeing the trend yet?) and i was happy i finished. this year, the goal is to run a half marathon. and eventually, you guessed it, my goal is to run a full marathon. but i'll wait on the marathon for a bit. focus! so the half marathon that i'd like to run is sunday, may 27th, which is 8 weeks away, hence the 8-week training. and my only goal is to finish the race. i don't mind if i have to walk half of the 21.1K, i just want to finish.

so i guess now i really just have to get out there. wish me luck!


  1. Lots and lots of luck! :D

    PS- I remember reading in your blog a while back that there was some kind of on-line distance calculator for running... care to refresh my memory as to which site that was?

  2. i think maybe you mean the gmaps pedometer (google that). it's google maps but allows you to map out specific routes and tells you how far they are.

  3. Like I said, if I was single, I would have been totally macking on that MC after the show.