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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

random tuesday night thoughts

first, let me wish alan a happy birthday. i hope you had a really good day, alan. there just may be some cake in your future.

second, i keep thinking about easter and i always come back to the same sad story. when i was growing up, we weren't religious so easter meant only one thing: chocolate. we didn't have a lot of money and so our last easter egg hunt was not for chocolate. it was for nickels. my parents kept a change jar with all small change (this is before the loonie and twoonie) and so my dad hid however many nickels around the house. and we hunted with glee. and then we put the nickels back in the change jar. that was the last easter egg hunt i did as a child.

third, did i ever mention that i saw a coyote? we were driving into work one day maybe two weeks ago and i had gotten a ride home with some of j's coworkers the day before. they had told me about the wild turkeys you can sometimes see on the way home and that they'd heard there were also coyotes but had never seen one. so i'm telling him this story and right when i get to the part about the elusive coyote, i look over and see one, right near the side of the road. incredible! very wolf-like. i was thinking it would look more like a fox, but not so.

fourth, because i haven't been watching a lot of tv lately, the pvr is full of k-shows. i've been doing my best and watching when i can, but this means that i never ever watch live tv. i had no idea that prison break is done for the season! i found out after we watched the season finale this afternoon. i'm really not happy where they left off. the story is very up in the air, nothing was concluded. is that the point?

fifth, you would think i know better, but apparently i can still eat too much chocolate and give myself a stomach-ache. 26 years living with this body and that's what i do to myself. amazing.


  1. happy birthday to me!

    That easter egg story is really touching. Kudos to your folks for finding a way to have some easter fun without chocolate - that takes some creativity.

    Speaking of coyotes, I think we saw one from our hot air balloon yesterday. It was too big for a fox, and not the right colour for a wolf. We also saw wild turkeys. And lots of blue herons. And heron nests. And heron eggs! It was exciting.

    Our backyard is overflowing with animals too, apparently. Yesterday we had a rabbit, two blue jays, two robins, a chickadee, some small black bird and three squirrels all in the yard at the same time. It's not looking good for our future vegetable garden...

  2. Maybe you should get a CAT! Ha ha, just kidding, small wildlife animals. Your balloon ride sounds absolutely amazing!

    Batman, your easter egg story is great. I've heard of osme families celebrating Christmas by gathering around and sharing stories. Sounds like a cop-out, but in the end, that's such a great part of the holiday, it sounds pretty good to me.

    Anyway, later gator