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Monday, April 30, 2007

random ramblings

a bunch of weird things happened this weekend. i had a call thursday about some suspicious activity on my credit card. i called about it friday after work and found out that there had been two more book purchases after the one i had made last wednesday. so they cancelled my card and were sending my file to the fraud department. great, except i don't have a credit card for 7-10 business days. i'm happy they caught it though.

and then we had a call from the vet (through j's sister) saying that our cat food had been recalled. we had to go and swap the stuff we did have for a new kind of food. we only bought a small bag in case they didn't like it. they have the weak little digestive systems so i was picturing fun times coming out of both ends for a while until they got used to the new food. but no, no problems at all. they love the new food and don't seem bothered by it at all. a big relief for us.

i was talking to j's dad who said that the half marathon was at capacity and that i couldn't sign up anymore. i went online to check it out and was waiting for an error message telling me the race was full, but it never came, and so i am officially registered in the half marathon. there is no backing out now. good thing i can run a whole 8K. and j was talked into running the 10K race with his mom. i hate to say but he doesn't seem all that enthused. i'll try and get him out.

and i guess the last piece of news is that we picked up my bike from the old house last night and so i will be biking again soon.

nothing as exciting as a new kitten though.

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