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Friday, April 13, 2007

our phones like to gossip

we needed a new cordless phone. this was a while ago. so we went to futureshop and picked out a nice one that came with two handsets. handy. then the guy at the cash asked if we had or were thinking of getting wireless internet. why yes, we answered, because we were thinking about it. eventually. so, he said, you really should get this phone instead. it was $10 or $20 more but wouldn't kick us off the internet if we were to get wireless. thanks, we said, we'll get it. and that's the story of us buying our phones. wow, never thought you would be so bored, eh? moving on. our phones can talk to each other. you press a little button and the other handset rings. it's called intercom or something. i tried it today for the first time and i couldn't stop giggling. see, our house is pretty little, and i was sure i could hear j all the way in the basement talking to me. well, i could hear him. through the phone. but i mean that i'm sure i could also hear him not on the phone. and that's the news about my phones and how they love to gossip. such girls.

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