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Thursday, April 26, 2007

oooh questions in the comments!

be still my heart (i don't think i've ever said or written that before) there are questions in the comments and i haven't thought of anything to write about yet for today so i'll go about answering some questions. or maybe just elaborating on some of my previous statements so that it will be more clear and there won't be any questions. i don't know.

okay, the trip to bc is so that we can fly j's parent's cats back to ottawa. yes, they are the same breed as our two. back in april 2004, we flew them out there. i had just just finished school and moved my stuff back to ottawa. we were getting married in a couple of months and heading out for our first major trip together. i had a job lined up to start right when we got back. it was a whirlwind.

we had a pretty uneventful flight out to victoria. it was strange having the cats. they were in soft-sided cat carriers (think duffel bags with mesh sides for the cats to see out/ us to see in) so we each had a cat (j got whitey, the male, and i got stinky.. errr, i mean smelly... errr, i mean sydney, the female). one lady in the ottawa airport came up to me and asked if i had a rabbit. i said no, it's a cat. she asked if the cat was soft. i said no, she's not soft at all. truthfully, her hips are fluffy and soft, but she is mostly bristly-feeling. like a toothbrush. anyways, the woman left me alone after that.

the airport security wanted us to take the cats out of the carriers so they could check them, for drugs i'm assuming, but they wanted to do it right at the security thingy, where there are tons and tons of people, lots of noise and access to the entire terminal. like we want to let two scared cats loose in a huge airport. no thank you! finally some smart thinking security person thought to take us to the personal room where we took the cats out, one at a time, and had the bags checked. after that, we were off.

on the plane (you didn't think the fun ended there, did you?) we were sitting in the emergency exit row and had the attendant come to give us the little speech about how to use the doors. check. then she told us that, in the event of an emergency and we had to evacuate the plane, we were to take the cats out of the carriers and leave the carriers. she obviously doesn't have cats. let me spell this out for you, cats each have four paws. each paw has five little toes. each little toe has a sharp little claw with which to shred the skin of anyone disturbing the little pussy cats. that's 40 sharp little claws. again, we disagreed and said we would be jumping out of the plane with the cats IN their cases whether they liked it or not. we were hoping the cases would float. never did check on that though.

we had a four-hour layover in the calgary airport. right after getting off the plane, we wanted to check on the cats, so we went into one of those family baby change room thingys. we must have looked so strange: two people with school bags and duffel bags head in the family washroom for a quickie. it wasn't like that. we gave them some water and that was about it. they were a little stressing and so was j. i was just excited. we were almost all the way to beeeeseeeee, where i'd never been.

so, that's what happened on the way to victoria. we got there okay and the cats were let out of the cases and went a little nuts exploring their new surroundings, but settled in relatively quickly.

and now it's time for the kitties to come home (j's parents too, just so you know). we'll fly out there, spend a week in the warmer-than-here climate, maybe explore that area a little (head down to seattle perhaps, or over to vancouver or banff, or up vancouver island to check out the surfing.. don't know yet), and then come home with the cats.

j's parents will be driving across the country so the cats will (most likely) live with us until they're back (possibly around the second week in july). we still have to figure out how to deal with having all four in the same house. ours eat whenever they want but the other two have a strict feeding schedule and they eat different food. thankfully we can close off the basement if needed. anyways, we'll figure it out and everything will be okay.

and we get a trip out of the deal. works for me! if only it was sooner though. after my tuesday-feels-like-friday-but-really-is-just-tuesday kind of week i'm having, i could use a vacation. i did give in and napped after work last night but i napped for way too long and couldn't fall asleep until late. and i've been dreaming about the next day so when i wake up it's always such a kick in the pants that i haven't already gotten up, brushed my teeth, showered, whatever and am at work. i'm still in bed and already exhausted. i wonder if they have anything i could take for that. super sleeping drugs? i don't think i sleep for long enough at a time to take sleeping pills, don't you need something like 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep time?

maybe that's what i'll take up this summer instead of playing ball: sleeping enough. is that a sport? will it make me fit? i need to do some reading up on this activity.


  1. VA...CA...TION? What is that again?

  2. Aw. Poor Stinky, er Sydney.

    That's really great of you to fly out to pick up the kittehs. They wouldn't like the long car trip.

  3. Yeah! Good plans! I love BC, even though I wasn't around too long. I went up to Tofino and took a surf lesson with Surf Sisters. They have a good setup with beginner beaches where the waves are bog enough to challendgs, not too bit, and it's sandy so there are no rocks to smash your newbie heads on. I had a good run with them (and boys can and do learn with them too, they just hire women surfers to teach).

    Seattle would be a blast. Oh, so many choices. Sounds fantastic. Can't wait to hear about it.

  4. I can't believe how many typos I let slide! Sorry, that comment of mine must be painful to read.