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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

of note

1) my brother is leaving in 6 weeks for prague. he is spending a year (give or take) there for work. i'm very proud of him. i'm almost positive i couldn't just pick up and go across the world for that long.

and since he doesn't read this i can tell you that i got him the lonely planet guide book for prague. j and i really liked having the costa rica book for our trip so i'm hoping he will find it useful. (j, by the way, i bought a book.)

2) crazy aunt purl, a friend of mine (where friend = stranger whose blog i read and who doesn't know me from eve), wrote a book. i feel like i know her because i read her thoughts every day or two and see pictures of her cats and plants and such, but i really don't know her. it's probably a super funny book though.

so while i was buying the lonely planet book for my brother, i pre-ordered crazy aunt purl's book. (j, by the way, i bought more than one book.)

3) umm, i also bought a latin american spanish phrase book. but j really wants this too. plus i had a gift card (maybe from my birthday?) so it didn't cost full price. (j, surprise! more than two books!)

4) i would really like to be able to call myself a runner, but i'm more of an imposter in the running world. i need some inspiration (a running book maybe?) i went to run last night, hoping to get in 5 or 6K before the rain started, but wimped out way before then because the wind was so strong it was making my ears hurt. i'm such a wimp. (but not as wimpy as j who complains the whole time we're running.. when he comes running that is.)

5) we're thinking of getting another car. we're not sure if we'll lease or buy (new or used) or what, but having one car is proving to be a little more difficult now that we don't live in such a central neighbourhood. plus, we both came into this relationship with a car and have since downsized to only one and it's trying at times. did i mention that i don't get to drive all that much? did i mention that i kinda feel like my freedom died along with lumi (my 92 chevrolet lumina, lumi, who i loved until he started dying while i was driving along. yep, that was awesome)? well, some of my freedom anyways. (j, don't worry, i still like you.)

6) lists are good for some people. personally, i am a list maker. i make lists for everthing. (drives j crazy.) and yes, the house list is a huge long list that just keeps getting longer no matter how many things we buy, but how else would i know what we need without the list? but talking about such a list got comments and comments are good.

7) complaining about deliquent bloggers on facebook got at least one blog updated (thanks, skinnykitty!) but i do understand that some people, lots of people actually, don't blog often. i get it. personally, i feel weird if i haven't blogged in a couple of days. but that's just me. plus, i can blog from work, just don't tell my boss.

8) alan and sylvia, my good friends (for real this time), are getting a kitten! it's possible i am just as excited, or more excited, than they are. their house came with cat doors already installed (or just cut out of the doors) so i'm not sure how they held out for so long, but i know they're going to have a great time with a little ball of fluff and energy running around. (ps. sylvia, update your blog!) (pps. or alan, maybe you should hijack it and update for her. she has exams afterall.)

9) should all lists end at 10? can i possibly have more to say? is this cheating? did i mention that i like to make lists?

10) yep, ran out of steam. plus, i really do have to get some work done. bah, responsibility!


  1. best. post. ever.

    Seriously, LOL. I really enjoy the way you write.

  2. Hahaha, that's *really* funny! I know I have been slacking on the blog department, but not for much longer you wait and see!!