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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


did i ever disappoint myself yesterday. i was terribly confused and thought it was friday. i kept thinking about what i had to do this weekend and what i was going to do last night. i kept reminding myself to bring my carrots home so i could eat them this weekend.

and then it hit me: i have hockey tonight so it's only tuesday. and you know what that makes today? the worst wednesday possible. and then tomorrow is the worst thursday, and finally the worst friday has to come and go before i get to the weekend. what a cruel world.

i am melodramatic.

my news from yesterday: i booked our flights to bc for this summer. we'll be going from june 15th to the 23rd and will have two extra cats in-house afterwards for a couple of weeks while j's parents trek across the country. don't know yet how we'll sort that out but we will. i'm envisioning all-out cat epic cat brawls (not just cat fights for these four. oh nono! cat brawls!) let's just hope all four cats survive and our furniture and carpeting come out unscratched.

given my melodramatisy (and my making-up-word-isy) i've been treating today a lot like a saturday in that i've hardly done any work and i've been talking and talking with my coworker all morning. take that, wednesday!

now it's off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz.


  1. Oooooh, travel to BC! Will it be Vancouver, Victoria? Or a bit of both? How exciting. I love it out west, and hope to move there one day, if even only for a few months or something. Maybe even a year! : ))

    Visiting cats are fun. My mom's cat came with her when her and my stepdad came to visit, and I might say my kitty wasn't all that thrilled to share his food. But it was ok, because I think they remembered each other from Christmas when Helix went to visit him. Ahhh.. cat reunions..

    Well, I am telling you I wish it was Friday too. Too bad it is Wednesday, but thank god tomorrow is Thursday because that means it is not Tuesday. Tuesday is the worst day of the week possible.

  2. Are all four cats the same breed? I would have to see that! It's rare enough seeing your pair together - but, four?!?!