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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


i promise that i am not neglecting this thing because of facebook. i'm neglecting my blog because of facebook AND other things. other things like flickr and spider solitaire (who invented spider solitaire anyways?) and work and sleep and eating and sports. imagine that.

that and i don't really have much to say. for a second time this post, imagine that.

i've been thinking lots lately about running. and biking. i miss both. my plan was to run a half marathon this year. back in 2005 i ran my first race. it was a 5K and i was happy with my time and the whole racing thing. then last year, i stepped it up and ran the 10K race. again, i was happy that i finished (and somewhat surprised at myself because, until that week, i had never run that far. ever.) and then i just fizzled out.

but that's going to change. i'm writing it here so i can't back out. i'm going to start running again. it's going to become my life. hello, new life! goodbye, couch potato batman.


  1. I'm apparently training for a 5k right now... you can run with me if you're just starting out... though, I'm sure you'll exceed my skill very quickly :P

  2. arg, facebook . I've made a commitment to myself to avoid signing up because I know it will be a serious time-waster. Also, I'm really bad at keeping in touch with the people around me already... I know that eventually I'll end up neglecting a whole pile of other people too.

    Funny you should mention running and biking. Every spring I have this urge to do both, but I never get it done. I guess I do a fair bit of running with soccer, but the bicycle sits all lonely-like in the corner.

  3. tania, the thing with running is that i don't need someone to run with and actually prefer running by myself. i just need to find my own motivation. how is your class going, though?

    i was going to say, alan, that you should bike to work because that's a great way to get on your bike. but you work at home. now i have the same problem (well, similar in that i can't bike to work) and don't know when i'll even rescue my bike from the old house. thankfully i prefer running and can do it anytime. i've even planned out the days i'm going to run. now, to start.

  4. Class is going alright... though, I'm not sure how cheery I'll be running in the rain tonight >:(

  5. facebook will wear off in a while...wait for it!