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Monday, April 23, 2007

list lengthening

we have a list of things that we need/want for the house. this list gets longer and longer and so when we get the chance to cross something off the list we feel a huge sense of accomplishment. we've already purchased (and installed) central vac and a garage door opener, two things that are pretty major in that they are costly and we use them often. but the list also has things that are smaller and less expensive. things like a broom for the garage/front porch. done!

but i feel like we will always have some sort of list. things that need to be done or need to be purchased. owning a house, even a new one, is like that.

one thing we need is seating in the dining room. we don't have a dining room table and chairs or stools for the counter. but on saturday, after helping s&l move into their (really nice) new house, i convinced j to stop at the stool store (honestly, this place has lots of stools). the stool store keeps really odd hours and so we've been twice before only to find the place locked up tight. but we went while the store was open and looked around at all the stools. we were really at a loss as to what would look good in our place. so we talked to a guy there and told him what we were thinking and the colours in our house. apparently this store lets you borrow stools to see what they look like at home. incredible! so away we went with two stools. we set them up at the counter and sat in them and looked at them and patted them... okay, i'm only kidding about the patting part... and figured out what worked and what didn't.

we went back yesterday, brought the stools back, and ordered two for us. we're happy because we're one step closer to having somewhere to sit to eat and i'm happy because we decided on a fun fabric. and, as luck would have it, the fabric is being discontinued and yesterday was the last day to get it. the guy had already thrown the sample in the garbage. it was that close.

enough stool talk? okay. after work friday, we went to the tire shop, a sponsor of the ottawa mazda club, to get the new wheels mounted on tires. after 2 hours we had the wheels mounted and on the car. the car is sexier than ever:

173_7387 (Medium)

j was super happy too because he got to take the new wheels to the first meet of the year. i'm sure he got glowing reviews because even the guys at the shop liked the wheels. after the meet, he met up with his work friends and did work-friend stuff. i was at home catching up on the hours and hours of pvr'd tv shows. i'm fun that way.

saturday we helped s&l move and then the stool stuff happened. saturday night i was super fun again and stayed home while j went out with the guys and sang karaoke at a korean internet cafe downtown for vlatko's birthday (happy birthday, vlatko!) i split my time between doing laundry, watching tv, internetting and making freezer paper stencils.

i made two onesies for a woman at work who's last day is tomorrow. she's having her second, a boy. hopefully she likes these:

174_7403 (Medium)

174_7402 (Medium)

i have lots of ideas for more stencils and two more pregnant coworkers.

last night we had dinner with j's family. his uncle, who i hadn't seen in almost two years, was in town. there was a lot of reminiscing.


  1. boy, I am 100% with you on the list thing. It feels so great to scratch something off. And no matter how fast you remove items from the list it gets longer! How unfair!

    Thankfully, we can always fall back on the theory of relativity. I just have to find a way for my to-do list to travel at the speed of light....

    I think it's hilarious that the store lets you borrow stool samples. Out of context, that's just nasty. Congrats on scoring the fabric you wanted!

  2. Is the Stool shop (I am smirking) that you speak of the one near the Rona on Hunt Club?

    Speaking of stool samples, I've been really good at not joking about words. Like yesterday, Sean said we need to get a pair of strippers . . . wire strippers. I did not blink. Sometimes, you just got to let funny words go.

    Thank you for the house compliment! As Sean and I biased, it is great to hear that people who do not own our home think it is nice too!

  3. Ahhh! ok, I will admit it. I saw your status today about people who don't update their blogs, and felt ashamed. Then I read your blog, and I ahve something to say: waaaaaaay down on my to-do list is the following -update your blog. So how's that for applicable commentary??? Haha! Anyways, it must be nice to be feeling accomplished slowly crossing things off your list. But I will add to this: with a house comes a never-ending list of things to-do or to-buy and most commonly to-buy then to-install. ;)
    Glad you are enjoying all that comes with home ownership!!! We just filled in the pond in our backyard that the previous owner spent all summer digging. I felt bad for about a millisecond. It is much nicer without the half-effort of a pond...

  4. Yes, it's the stool place near Merivale and Hunt Club. It boasts Free Stool Samples right on the window. But, as funny as it sounds, it was a good thing. Definitely helped us make our decision.

    We have wire strippers you can borrow.

    Skinnykitty, at least I see you online on Facebook. Of the blogs I check every day (I can't not check them in case they've been updated!), less than half are updated regularly. But really, I could just take a hint and spend less time at the computer. But yes, thank you for updating yours. I like how you write and like feeling like I know what's going on in your life.

    Oh the list....

  5. Oh wow! Nice wheels!