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Monday, April 16, 2007

lack of sleep and spring

ever notice how pretty the snow looks for the first couple of snowfalls of the season. you know, back in OCTOBER!! why is it snowing now? we've been through this. it's time for spring and time to move on. why is winter holding on? the snow isn't pretty this time of year. you know what's pretty? tulips and crocuses and whatever other flowers usually bloom in april.

let me tell you about my weekend. friday night i had my work hockey game. it was fun but painful. i got knocked down a couple of times - i'm sure it's just because of size though. i'm used to being the biggest player on the ice and not playing against big 240 pound guys who just have to bump into me and i go flying. also painful because i blocked a shot with my forearm, specifically my non-padded forearm. half the time i feel like my arm is broken. thankfully typing is in the other half.

we went out for beers afterward and i had a pint. i haven't had anything alcoholic in a long time. i don't even know when was the last time i drank. that's just not how i roll. so i had my pint and then switched over to diet pepsi, ate my salad, and talked and talked and talked. i got home around 1:30am.

i proceeded to sleep in until late saturday. saturday wasn't much of a day. we went to home depot because we had a gift card for there (thanks d&t!) and bought a garage door opener (now i don't have to jump out of the car when we get home) and then went to j's grandparent's place for swiss chalet.

i was going to run saturday, but it was late and dark by the time we got home and i convinced myself that running sunday would be okay.

sunday comes along, after about 13 hours of sleep, and so does the rain. come along i mean. it poured all day. ALL. DAY. so i vacuumed, watched some tv, hung out with j's mom (j's dad was helping j install the garage door opener), watched more tv, ate food, watched more tv and finally went to bed.

only four hours of sleep later i woke up this morning to tons of snow and a work day. i'm tired and a little grumpy and full of p&v apparently. and now i have to work.


  1. Methinks Mother Nature is a bit confused.

    I hear ya on the lack of sleep. I had a soccer match downtown at 11pm last night and I was all wound up until very early in the morning. It's been a long week already and I'm only two hours in.

  2. Just last night is the first big sleep I've had to recover from thesis proposal fevr ant it fels nice to finally be able o function without yawning ever 15 seconds.

    It's too bad climate change isn't 1) more reliable and 2) required to stick to pleasant weather warming

    I hope you get through today feeling tlike it went faster than you would've thought and get a head start on tomorrow. later gator