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Thursday, April 12, 2007

fancy and free

if i can get even one of you clicking each day, it's worth it: funding free mamograms. there are also links on the page (after you click the pink button, scroll down on the next page, there are similar buttons in different colours) for other things you can fund just by clicking on a button. it takes about 30 seconds a day. i do it every morning when i get into work. you should too.

i went running again last night. i powered through an insanely sleepy time, ate well and ran my 6K. i took j with me but he didn't last the whole 6, maybe only 3 or so. not sure, he took a shortcut that i haven't mapped out yet. the poor boy is sore and cranky.

i'm not all that sore but i'm starting to feel sick. i really hope it's just a little thing that will never develop into a full blown whatever or it's tiny and passes quickly. i'm thinking it has to do with the fact that it's mid-april and it's snowing. we can't deal with the hot then cold temperatures, nature, so smarten up!

i'm in a hockey pool and have to say that i did well last night. being in the pool is a weird feeling because it's like gambling - something i rarely do - and it's about hockey - something i never watch. so it's putting two things that i don't do/care about together and all of a sudden i want to know who scored last night. who did score last night?

this is a short week, the second in a row, but it already feels like a long week. anyone else get this feeling? is it because we have to cram 5 days of work into 4? (yes, some government jobs require actual work.) i don't know why it feels like this but it sucks. sucks the big bucks, like my coworker would say.

but tonight i get cake and tomorrow i get to play hockey and saturday i get to not go to toronto. good times.


  1. long week syndrome - I absolutely agree. It's only Thursday and it feels like it should be SATURDAY! Where are you, weekend?

  2. Fund free mammograms is my home page. I click every day. It amazed me that a little tiny bit of the groggy part of my morning actually helps a little bit.

    Way to run! I have dreams aboutrunning and am considering ending my moritorium on running for pleasure and health (I was allowed to run away from somthing chasing me) and strapping on the old shoes. I will see if my attitude adjustment can power through my old convictions and my current spare tire.

    Awesome! Enjoy cake, mmmm.