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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

employee of the month gets new music

i had nothing to do last night. we got home from work and i jumped right away into comfy pants and after a little bit at the computer settled down in front of the tv. it was all part of the master plan to get to bed early. i saw the last bit of the manhattan project cause j was watching it and then we watched employee of the month with jessica simpson. with the exception of a line or three, it was a pretty bad movie.

instead of going to bed right after the movie, i went to update my ipod. i've had the same music for months and i'm tired of it. but i don't exactly know how to update anything so i showered and waited for j to come and help. sad, i know. but then end result is that i got a ton of new music and am happily listening away. but i didn't get to bed at a good time. it was after midnight when i turned out my light. ooops.

at least i have good tunes today.

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  1. I believe that's the first time I remember you ever saying you had nothing to do last night, so congratulations! ha ha. I'm in a music exchange with people at school where we make a "mix tape" i.e. throw 20-ish songs on a memory stick and share our choices. It should be fun. I liked making it! What's on your new list??