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Friday, April 20, 2007


before baseball season for the past 7 years i've always thought about not playing. but i always do because i always have. i've been playing since i was 3, maybe 4... for 23 seasons. baseball is what i do. baseball is what i'm good at (at least i like to think so).

but last night i quit.

my old team folded and some girls are looking for a team and i figured i could not play and not leave my team scrambling looking for players. but i feel sick. absolutely sick about it.

i'm really worried that i won't do anything with all my free time and then i'll feel like i wasted my summer. and i don't know what else to do. there are tons of things i could do but i don't know where to start. i'm feeling overwhelmed.

and sad because i just ended the thing that i've been doing longer than anything else. except breathing that is. did i do the right thing?


  1. Wow, a big step! Since you always made the same choices, then maybe it really is the best thing to test out another one to see if it's right for you. Best of luck!

  2. Sometimes we need to try different paths to find out if we were on the right one to begin with. If, after time off, you decide you would still like to play you can always return to it in the future. At least, then you will know that you are playing because you want to play, not just because it's what you have always done ... who knows - with all that time on your hands you might discover something new that you truly love and never would have tried if you didn't have the time?!?

  3. Congratulations on your bold move, Batman. Change and opportunities are so overwhelming! Maybe having a baseroutine will help you feel more comfortable, like maybe having a running schedule. You'll figure it out.

    Think of the weekends! We could visit each other on weekends!

  4. I think it is great you are branching out - but I understand how scary it can be. Too bad you don't live in Guelph or nearby - we just formed a 3-pitch pub league! Certainly not as excellent as the calibre you are used to, but it would be fun to have you onboard. Especially since I have a hard time throwing the ball far enough.... lol!!
    Who knows what opportunities will present themselves with your free time this summer...