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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

catching up

easter to me means i get a long weekend. so i slept. lots.

thursday night was recovery night. my week was short - only three days - but it was long. friday night we went out with j's work friends. we had dinner at the outback and then played guitar hero. my forearm was killing me! saturday we had a housewarming party. thanks to everyone who came. sunday we had family dinner at j's grandparent's place and monday was a gym/shopping/running/watching tv day. we are now all up to date on 24 but not prison break because we're missing an episode.

boring! i'll give you a better post soon.


  1. I can say that the housewarming party was a success - the house got so warm that we set off the smoke detectors.

    So, did you figure out what our gift is for?

  2. the tennis ball you mean? yes.

  3. um, little help here? The tennis ball? Very cryptic!

    I'm glad everything went well!

  4. it's a tennis ball on a string that you attach to the ceiling in the garage. when you're parking in the garage, you hit the ball and that lets you know you're in far enough/ not too far.

  5. Thanks for having us! Sorry we had to leave early (I'll give you more explaination another time)... hope you put our gift to good use! :)

  6. oh I see :-) thanks. at home we had a smurf on a string. Same principle.

    I was curious ecause there are SO many thngs tennis balls are good for. Like self-done foot massages. Have a good day!

  7. tania, you weren't the only one who ducked out early! so don't worry about it. yes, thank you very much for the gift card. i have no idea what we'll use it for yet, but i'm positive we'll find something.