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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

where did the weekend go?

the weekend is gone and i'm back at work and i'm tired! i was thinking of staying home today just so i could sleep more. but then i remembered the pile of work i still have to do and got out of bed. like i've said before, two weeks is a long time for work to pile up.

i ended up going to the woman's show sunday morning instead of saturday morning. my mom came and picked me up so j could have the car (he installed the oxygen sensor or something). she also paid for my ticket and a donation so i could get a magazine. the show was huge, much bigger than the two wedding shows jessp and i went to in january, and there was tons and tons of food. apparently women are interested in food. i was surprised though by how many of the vendors were female. on one hand, female consumers can relate to female vendors, but on the other hand, female consumers flirt with male vendors. i would assume that make vendors at such a show would do well. i'm guessing that at the man's show coming up (i kid you not) a lot of the vendors will be scantilly-clad females. anyone want to go check it out and report back?

we also spent a good chunk of the weekend doing house-y stuff.

here is a picture of the elusive light fixture from two posts ago:

March 11..  168_6884 (Medium)

we bought a garbage can for the downstairs bathroom (powder room) that we can finally use now that we have frosted film on the window:

March 11..  168_6885 (Medium)

and we went to ikea and bought a poang chair for the living room, which we rearranged:

March 11..  168_6883 (Medium)

we helped clean out our old place so renovations can start and came home with all the stuff we left behind including my two bamboo plants. rolo approves:

Day 074 March 11  168_6878 (Medium)

and finally, we took the computer desk and computer out of the basement in preparation for our new couches and put it upstairs in the "craft" room:

March 11..  168_6886 (Medium)

costa rica post soon.


  1. the place is looking really good!

    Those poang chairs are so comfy. Ikea couches are often a pain in the neck (and back!) but they do make some deceptively comfortable chairs.

    When do the new couches arrive? And isn't there a dining room table in the works too? Your place will be full soon. It's amazing how that happens so fast.

  2. You should see Sandy.. she'll jump onto the chair and stand very rigid until it stops bouncing and then she's happy to sit in it. Funny cat.

    We've never found an Ikea couch that's super comfy, but the Poang chairs are awesome.

    Our couches come in a week I think. I keep forgetting because it's not me that has to stay home. We bought and ordered a dining room set but cancelled it because we had second thoughts. Turns out it wouldn't work well so we're happy. But we haven't found anything that we think works yet. So the dining room remains empty so far.

    Stools are another thing that are difficult. Thankfully we like eating in front of the tv!

    Oh, and the filling up fast thing - it helps when you move from a house not a tiny apartment!

  3. The Poang chair is comfy... until the foam wears down... for us it was about 5 years before we wouldn't sit in it anymore because of the bars in your back. I just bought a new cushion last week and am getting much more use out of ours lately.

    PS - Where did you find frosted film for your window? I could use some of that!

  4. Nice pictures of the new place. Are those Ikea pictures hanging on the wall?? I saw some in the catalogue that looked similar to those but they weren't available for delivery. They would suit our "beach casual" decor nicely.

    My roomie at Queen's had a Poang chair. I used it when she wasn't home. Mucho comfy.