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Friday, March 9, 2007

permanent daylight rocks

the show last night was a good one. the live lounge was not a bad little place but it was little. we didn't stay for the other two bands and i feel kinda bad about that but it was a weeknight and we were tired. i was tired despite my huge nap. thanks s&l for coming. it was really nice to see you and tell you all about our trip (= bore you to death).

permanent daylight made the first round of live 88.5's big money shot and are playing next friday night at the live lounge again. they're a good band and could use your support so if you have $5 and no plans for next friday night, come out with us.

tomorrow afternoon i'm going to the women's show with my mom. i've never been before and i'm not quite sure why my mom wants to go. could be that she's a woman or that she's in the tradeshow business. anyone want to come?

i got tagged to organize the next hockey night for work. i helped organize and paid for the last (and first) one but wasn't able to play. this one i'm making the date work for me so i'm sure to make it out. gotta reap the fruits of my labour, or something like that.

and on a completely different note, the light fixture we bought for the dining room came in and we picked it up and j installed it earlier this week. it wasn't an easy install and took him a long time but it looks good and will look even better when we have a third light bulb and a dining room table.

168_6843 (Medium)

and that's all i got.

(trip update: i am working on the tamarindo post and will have it up sometime this weekend or early next week. sorry for the delay.)


  1. Hey nice job supporting live music. Only $5, that's a steal. And you'll be able to say you knew them when :-)

    Um, I can't tell what the picture is. Sometimes I see an object and my imagination ges to the scene faster than logic and then I can't figure it out. A little help?

    The women's show site made me think that it's like walking through a live action magazine. It sounds cool, I wish I could check it out with you, so don't forget to report back for all of us slacker out of towners.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. We were happy we came! I recommend attending their Friday session. Their guitarist was brilliant. I enjoyed his political commentary.

    We are so eager to hear about your trip. I had so many questions, but I held them as I thought it would be better to hear the stories with photographic accompaniment.

    Sean and I are kicking it in the T-dot-O this weekend. I would be in to go the Women's Show if I was here. Maybe I will take in "Canada Blooms: The Toronto Flower and Garden Show" while I am in Toronto. I need some ideas for the gardening season!

  3. m, the picture is the light fixture. think three white pendant lights hanging down, only two with bulbs. picture was taken at night with everything but the light dark. i'll try and remember to take a picture in the daytime. you'll get it then.

    i'll let you know how the women's show goes. it's a weird thing for me, a show dedicated to all thing "woman", because even though i think i may actually be a feminist, i don't like to think i am because that doesn't mesh well with the fact that i wanted to be a boy until i was about 14 or 15. and that the word seems to have bad connotations in my mind.

    for the record, i am completely happy to be female. one hundred percent.

  4. Dude, you (and a number of women and men I know, including myself and Sean) are the epitome of egalitarian feminism.

  5. lindsay, i have mixed feelings about gardening (possibly strange for someone who is a biologist) because in the old house i always felt like it wasn't mine and that it was temporary. i had nothing to do with the outside appearance. but now that i have my own house... who knows! except that we will have mud for the first couple of months. but flowers! pretty colours. well, if i develop a green thumb sometime between now and then.

  6. i'm going to have to look up "egalitarian feminism" so i can sound smart next time i comment!

  7. look at me all 'late to the comment party'

    I think the photo of the lamps is very cool, but I'll admit it took a minute before I recognized lamps. If you aren't looking for lamps in the photo it does give a very funky abstract feel.

    Glad to hear the live lounge show was a hit. I'll try to clear my calendar for Friday night... sounds like fun!

    This may be a stupid question - are men allowed to attend the women's show? Just curious.

  8. alan, at first i thought that your question was silly, but then i realized that i don't know for sure. i can't imagine that they wouldn't let you in the door. i've never been though so i really don't know, but you can probably find out on their website.

  9. I think sometimes people think "feminine" when they hear "feminist"...similar maybe but NOT the same! Probably most guys you know are feminists in the traditional definition which calls for equal rights for women and men plain and simple. Like most things like that, other interpretations tend to get more play!

    Have a great time at the show, and let me know "what women want" these days :-)

  10. I love reading people comments! Ok I need to get back to my midterm studying. Who ever decided midterms on the weekend were a good idea anyway..