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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

now i know

you always hear about the poor fools that hit reply all to a work email and say something nasty and it gets sent to everyone. well, today i got a taste of what that must feel like.

we got an email about a meeting about our new directorate, whatever, point is, this email went out to about a hundred people at my work. like the good little employee i am i immediately went to put it in my calendar. i do this with most meetings. so i add it like normal and am going about my work when i start getting emails from people accepting my meeting invitation. turns out, with our new email/calendar system, the default setting is to put all the email recipients in the required invitees to any calendar dates you set up. why??

so my request went out to about a hundred people. after i got five emails, two phone calls and one frantic admin in my office, i quickly went and changed the meeting in my calendar and took everyone off the invitee list. that sent them all another email! just my luck! so then i was getting more emails and calls asking why they were no longer invited.

all this to say that i felt like an idiot and i just wanted to leave. go home. get away from all the phone calls and emails and smirks. laugh it up because it wasn't you.

now, i can kinda imagine what it must feel like to send a nasty email to only your buddy but instead send it to the higher ups. oops!

but to top it all off, i get home and j tells me he can see through my pants. the poor boy isn't feeling well so i kinda laughed and asked him what he meant. turns out, i had two holes in the bum of my jeans. the ones i wore to work all day. good thing i wasn't wearing bright blue underwear. oh wait, i totally was! where is the rock i can crawl under? where?


  1. On the bright side: after yesterday, today should be a walk in the park!

    Talk about embarassing. But, think about this. How many complete strangers accepted the invitation to your meeting even though they had no idea what it was about? How "public-service" of them...

    worker #1: hey, I'm invited to a meeting
    worker #2: what's it about?
    worker #1: umm... not sure. And, it's on a different floor of the building. But, it's scheduled for 11:30 - maybe there will be food! I'm in!
    worker #2: what about our afternoon deadline?
    worker #1: oh well.

    In retrospect, this exchange is highly unrealistic. Worker #2 would never even bring up the deadline. A more realistic response would have been "Food? Count me in too, even though I'm not invited"

    I too have done the jeans thing before, sadly. I've always wondered what the ratio of "people that didn't notice" to "people that noticed but didn't tell me" was. I'd like to assume that it's fairly high.

  2. erg, Batman!
    Did you go over all the possible ways you could have titled the meeting notice to remind yourself what it was? I can imagine thinking of all the flippant ways I could characterize any of my past meetings and am sighing relief that you didn't call the meeting"waste of time #3 with that jerk I hate" or something equally difficult to explain.

    Wear your underpants with pride! I bet you inspired more jealousy than anything! "She had very cool underwear! Why ismy underwear boring? I need better underwear now!"

    Or that's just me. I guess we just keep breathing and get back in there, eh? ;-)

  3. thanks guys. you both made me laugh. and yes i know it could have been so much worse and i'm thankful i didn't write anything nasty or inappropriate because after what did happen and the sinking feeling i got, i can't even imagine what it would feel like to have said something bad.

  4. Sounds like someone's got a case of the Wednesdays...

    I've been there. It mucho sucks.