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Thursday, March 15, 2007

new dryer hook up

when we moved we got all new appliances (j: the ones we have now work fine. k: let's get new ones! - we got new ones) but we haven't been able to use our dryer. not until today that is. it's natural gas and so needs a contractor guy to be hooked up. let me tell you how NICE it is to have a dryer. we don't HAVE to hang our clothes to dry. we can do a load and then do another. right away! wow, the things you miss when they're gone. you really start to appreciate a little warm air and a little tumble tumble. tumble away, my little dryer, tumble away!

ooh, new dryer. j is the first one to use it:

169_6929 (Medium)

and this is us being excited about our new dryer, except j wasn't playing nice and was trying to look disgusted. i snapped the picture before he got his disgusted look finalized and this is the result:

169_6935 (Medium)

did you honestly think i was mature? how wrong you were. now he's playing:

169_6938 (Medium)

the post from monteverde / santa elena is coming soon, i promise! we did so much there so writing it is a little overwhelming.

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  1. I am in love with pictures in which one person is a blank look (or a look of incredulity), and the other is having a laugh/hamming it up. The third picture (BOUNCE!) is a fantastic example.