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Friday, March 23, 2007


i don't like not posting. and believe me, i would like to be posting more often. but these costa rica posts are hanging over my head. i feel bad that i've only done two so far and i feel bad posting about my regular day-to-day stuff when i have so much to say about our trip, but we did so much and saw so much that it's overwhelming. one of these days, i'm going to sit down and do it, but until then....

while i'm here i can tell you about me. i've been working with my brother to put together a surprise party for my dad tomorrow afternoon. today is my dad's last day of work. he doesn't officially retire until may sometime but he has enough leave pilled up that he can stop going into work today. so we're having a party! i'm really excited because i know he'll be happy and we'll have fun.

i've been trying to come up with a design for a golf shirt to give my dad. i came across some sayings online, but retirement sayings are apparently few and far between and corny as hell. plus it's a golf shirt so i've come up with more of a logo type thing. i wanted something like those no smoking signs with the cigarette in the circle with a line through it. but the circle was really limiting so i decided instead to spell "work" and cross it out.

then i went back and forth on whether to use capital letters or small letters (oh the choices!) and decided i would try different fonts at work in both capital and small letters, print it off and check them out. i felt kind of obsessed or just plain crazy but came up with a design i'm happy with. but the whole thing gave me inspiration for my picture of the day:

Day 085 March 22  170_7018 (Medium)


  1. Don't feel bad about NOT posting - though, I have to admitt that I miss it when you don't - you post for yourself, not us. Don't let that negative energy weigh you down. :)

  2. Don't stress about not posting, especially about trips. It's really hard to keep at that becasue the momentum you had is being replaced with your actual life which is still happening, so goin gback is really tough. I don't think I ever got around to talking more about Texas, though I guess I don't have pictures to post of that.

    I dio love it when you post and I tink I will try to post more often because it deems only fair! Have a good day :-)