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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

i've got it! costa rica 2007

i've thought long and hard about my too-much-information situation and have decided on a plan: i am going to write about every city we visited in its own post. we visited 7 cities so that will be 7 posts instead of 15 (one for each day of our trip).

now you have these posts to look forward to:

- san josé
- tamarindo
- monteverde / santa elena
- la fortuna / arenal
- manuel antonio
- jaco (ha-ko)
- san josé again

and i know i've already posted about some of the things we did so i will try not to repeat myself too much, but no promises.

let me welcome you to costa rica 2007.

193_9365 (Medium)

there are lots of websites that have maps of the country but i haven't found one i really like, though world atlas has some that are better than most. costa rica maps is a good website for maps of some of the cities we went, but we found these maps to be very confusing. colourful but confusing. true to form, check out lonely planet and click on view map for the map that was in the book. it's nice to have a travel guide that actually got used and looks it.

tonight: san josé, the first time round.

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  1. That's great. It'll be nice to hear about the different cities from the same person.

    You can post your thoughts on the Costa Rica Forums.