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Sunday, March 18, 2007

facebook face time

i finally gave in and signed up for facebook friday night. holy people i haven't seen in years! how many of you are there? tons. the answer is tons.

quick update: friday night we went to the live lounge to watch permanent daylight in live 88.5's big money shot. they were good but unfortunately didn't advance past round one. there was some interesting music that night. i can't forget the country-ish band with the emo bassist and all the screaming. it was not my kind of music.

saturday was the glorious glorious sleep in. sweet sweet sleep. it had been too long. we did a lot of running around on saturday and bought things for the house like blinds and a central vac. do you know how excited i am for central vac? we have a vacuum cleaner but it's so heavy and clunky. i've only used it once because i dread using it. but central vac is my friend. it is partially installed.

saturday night we went to matt and julie's place for games night. no st. patty's day nothing for me. not my thing anymore. but games night was fun. we played my game, the big hit, cranium pop 5. it's always good for laughs.

i slept in again today and spent a lot of my day in front of the computer. facebook - blarg! i did organize the "office / craft room" though and spent time with my cats and j's parents. it was a nice day and a nice weekend.


  1. Yeah, I've been toying with the facebook thing too... not sure if I can maintain a blog and facebook simultaneously tho...

  2. facebook is basically a fancy msn or icq. i like it because it's letting me talk to people i haven't talked to in years (since i stopped using msn/icq).