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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

under pressure

maybe this is typical... i wouldn't know - i'm not a seasoned traveller. i'm feeling the pressure of the upcoming trip. the pressure to get everything done before we leave. but i'm also feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. i think a lot of these feelings stem from the fact that we just moved, i have to keep reminding myself of this, and the house and my life are in disarray. and then to just pick up and leave for two weeks seems somehow irresponsible.

but it's only me. i get to come home to the mess i've made. well, me and j. i think he handles it better than i do though.

so i finally logged into expedia.ca where we booked our tickets and took a minute to look at our itinerary and wrap my head around what we're doing. i think i know everything i have to do before we leave with regards to tickets and itineraries and flights and so on. i wrote it all down. now i'm going to take a look at what we can and can't bring on the plane. you know they have all sorts of crazy restrictions, or at least they did following 9/11.

it's a weird thought that in three weeks i'll be able to call myself a "traveller". i could say it now but i would be flat-out lying. but i really think this trip is out or the ordinary for me and j. we're stretching ourselves and that makes me very excited. anybody can go down south and lie on a beach at a resort for a week. who can tell me they've put everything they'll need on their backs and taken off to a foreign, non-english-speaking country for two weeks with nothing set in stone? three weeks from now my answer will be "me".


  1. Yay! that's really wonderful. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Alan's friendly post-travel tip: before you leave, make sure you have ingredients to make a couple of quick meals for the few days after you get back. A can or two of spaghetti sauce and chicken wings or nuggets and fries... something quick, easy, and with minimal cleanup. It's no fun at all to come home after a few weeks and have to head right back out to brave the grocery store.

    Other than that... have a blast and take lots of photos! And remember: you and j are a team. When Sylvia and I did Europe we had a day of... animosity. It was really no fun at all to try to navigate a foreign land while bickering. Trust me - be extra patient with each other, and it pays off 300%.

    ok. I'm off my soapbox now.

  3. oh my god you are so right Alan! the first week in australia after the wedding I had this idea of what we should be doing to get the most out of our trip (I hitnk I've told this one to you one here a few times!) and every time we didn't meet a deadline or missed an event or something I'd turn to Rob and yell, "well, we fucked up!" because we'd missed it...FOREVER dun dun dunnnnnn. I was really ticked off and steamed that he wasn't as worried as I was about it. Once I got over what we "should" be doing and got on with what we "were" doing I had a great time...it helped a lot knowing that you can't do it all, so enjoy where you are and the process. Now, occasionally, Rob'll pull out the "well, we fucked up!" on me, like if we're making dinner and forgot to cut up the zucchini or something. It's still funny. I'm sure you guys'll sort out your travel style together and discover your favourite way to go about things, and that'll set the tone for your next trip. My problem is I had an idea of how I should do things (based on other people) and not my own sytem. You probably won't have that problem, but there you have it for what it's worth. I'm so excited for you, CR is SUCH a beautiful country. Remember: lo siento (I'm sorry) no hablo espanol (I don't speak spanish), habla ingles? (do you speak english?). Also,: no soy americana (I'm not a female american!) [no soy americano: I'm not a male american].

    thanks SPAN 101 :-)

    HAVE FUN!!!!!

    Oh yes, there will be a next trip ;-)

  4. Well said Alan. Playing on the Nice Team is the key to travelling with your partner.

    I am really excited for you and Jon. It is going to be such a tremendous experience. Congratulations.

    My advice is the same for every thing I give advice on: EAT and drink lots of water!