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Sunday, February 11, 2007

the way to my guy's heart: technology

i went shopping today all by myself because, well, i don't like shopping for clothes with other people. i have this thing about making people wait for me, even if it's j, i still can't do it. at least not well.

so when j said i could take the car and go shopping alone i ran out of the house. i bought my first pair of sunglasses (i've been wearing a hand-me-down pair of j's) and some new jeans as well as a bunch of house stuff.

when i got home i immediately put on my new jeans, obviously, and then i brought down the things i bought one by one and put them on the desk where j was playing computer games. i waited over an hour and then finally gave him this:

166_6651 (Medium)

and here he is opening his nintendo ds:

166_6647 (Medium)

doesn't he look happy? food is NOT the way to this guy's heart, technology is.

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